Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint Released

blackmagic-screenI am pleased to announce the arrival of a new book on SharePoint that I had the pleasure of helping author. This is a must read for anyone looking to combine SharePoint (2010 or 2013) and JavaScript/jQuery. You can order Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint (EUSP Press 2013) now from Amazon in eBook format, although we hope to have a hardbound version available shortly.

Let me tell you a little more about this book

This book focuses on using JavaScript and jQuery to further your SharePoint projects. Check out these chapters, a powerhouse of knowledge transfer:

  1. If a Brit stumbles in a jQuery forest, does anyone hear his cries?
  2. Building Solid Script Libraries for your Enterprise
  3. Build a Content Slider Web Part: Dynamic Display of Pictures and Text
  4. Build an HTML5 Video Gallery
  5. Modify Your SharePoint 2013 Navigation Menu with a jQuery Plugin
  6. Creating a Mobile-friendly SharePoint Blog with jQuery Mobile
  7. Create a Team Site Solution for Running Agile Projects

My chapter focused on navigation and SharePoint (Chapter 5). If you have been following me and my recent activities, you likely noticed that I am a big proponent of responsive web design. SharePoint and RWD do work together with some coaxing, but navigation has been a big sticking point for me. I want to use OOTB navigation provided by SharePoint yet deliver this to site visitors in an app style or in a responsive friendly way.

My chapter looks as how to accomplish this using jQuery by parsing the OOTB SharePoint navigation using a custom jQuery plugin, then providing a rendering function to re-deliver the navigation with custom markup. I have already used this solution in multiple projects and it is my hope that you will find the jQuery plugin concept another valuable tool in your coding war chest.

Participating in the book was also a great opportunity to work with six other very talents authors (Dave Coleman, Ben Tedder, Josh McCarty, Marc Anderson, Paul Tavares and Wendy Neal), a great ring leader / editor Mark Miller, Mark Fidelman who provided our Foreword, Michele Aweeky our copy-editor and Erika Schanzenbach who expertly handled our layout and design.

How we did it

We used SPYam to not only collaborate but also to elicit support from the community by the way of technical reviewers. Among everyone that helped me, I want to give special thanks to Ken Glover, Alexey Krasheninnikov, Jorge Carvalho, Edin Kapic, Luis Valencia and Trey Mayer for their valuable feedback. If you would like to know more about how this book came to be, Josh reviews the entire process we went through. As Wendy states in the comments, it is a very good write-up.

What my coauthors had to say about the book

SPTechCon Boston 2013

While at SPTechCon Boston 2013, Marc Anderson, Paul Tavares, Wendy Neal, Mark Miller and I got together for a fun chat. I look forward to seeing the other authors at another upcoming conference, hopefully all of us will be at SPC14 and we can sign your kindle for you:)

(Mark Miller, myself, Marc Anderson, Paul Tavares and Wendy Neal along with friends Paul Swider and D’arce Hess)

If you would like to learn more about Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint, including a preview of the forward and a few free snippets from the book, visit Amazon. You can purchase the eBook version now and as I mentioned, a hard copy should be available for purchase real soon.


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