Branding SharePoint 2013 Tricks and Discoveries

Much has changed in branding SharePoint 2013 when compared to SharePoint 2010. The Design Manager opens many doors yet new problems, complications and headaches come with it. How about Device Channels, pretty cool huh? There are also some great developments with SharePoint and Mobile. There have already been an outstanding number of community contributions explaining these improvements but in my dealings with Branding SharePoint 2013 I have come to learn a few tricks and found some interesting discoveries. Throughout scattered blog posting I intend to provide my list of introduction and basic tricks and discoveries I have learned that may help you Brand your SharePoint 2013 sites. I will update this blog post as new tricks are posted so as to provide a central index of these specific Tricks and Discoveries for Branding SharePoint 2013.

Trick 1: Inline Styles in Page Layouts in Design Manager
Trick 2: Design Manager, Boilerplate and XML Validation Errors
Trick 4: Including Web Fonts
Trick 5: Content Delivery Networks
Trick 6: Hiding Elements in Dialogs
Trick 7: .NET Code Blocks in Snippets
Trick 8: A Better Site Logo Snippet


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