Measuring Collaboration Success – The Second Step

Back in March, I wrote an article on workplace collaboration, titled, “Company Collaboration: The Leading Force of Success, inspired by a survey series called, “Measuring Collaboration Success” (#MeasureCollabSuccess) lead by Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet). Just last week, Christian released part two of the survey series, and I encourage everyone and anyone to check it out and participate. As a panelist, I am very excited to be supporting this initiative and to be promoting the second of three planned community-driven questionnaires.

As a co-founder and leader of a team focused on utilizing SharePoint and Office 365 to enhance collaboration, I want to understand how various organizations and businesses drive collaboration efforts and how PixelMill can better assist them all. In summary, the purpose of the project is to uncover more information on three aspects of collaboration:

Survey #1: How does the community define successful collaboration?

Survey #2: How does the community measure successful collaboration?

Survey #3: How does the community implement successful collaboration efforts to drive business success and accurately measure these items?

Key Takeaways from Survey #1:

The first survey collected data on how, as a community, we define successful collaboration. Despite a smaller sample size (104 respondents) than we had hoped for, there was some valuable qualitative feedback revealed by included open-ended questions, but also echoed by additional quantitative questions. Not surprisingly, while most people understand that collaboration is essential and vital for organizational efficiency, they do not see it as a primary necessity. With a slew of other demands and requirements faced by most businesses, often collaboration is pushed to the wayside. There is also a hesitancy to adopt modern toolsets that can improve workplace collaboration. And, while most people see efforts towards collaboration as the next stepping stone, taking the leap towards that next stepping stone never seems to happen.

What I Hope We Can Learn from Survey #2:

The second survey aims to understand how successful collaboration is measured. The results will provide us with further information on how to improve collaboration and perhaps, why some measurements are more useful than others. Understanding how collaboration is measured will also help those tasked with delivering successful SharePoint and Office 365 solutions provide tips and recommendations for improving collaboration amongst some teams.

Closing Thoughts: Let’s Move Forward Together

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge we have on successful collaboration, the easier it will be for many companies and businesses to promote successful methods of collaboration and to successfully measure them. To move forward and implement progress, we must know what is working and what isn’t working. Thus, I encourage everyone to participate anonymously in part two of this survey series. By participating, you will have the chance to share your personal experiences with collaboration and how much of a priority you feel it takes within your organization.

And don’t worry, this is not a marketing piece. No contact information is required unless you would like to have the survey results emailed to you. That is right; you to can have access to the data. Ultimately, we are aiming to have over 300 responses, so if you have a little time, please check it out.

So, as a community, let’s move forward together and collaborate for the greater good of our company, organization, and business. Again, you can click here to take the survey.

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