Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco 2018

A few days back I had the pleasure of presenting, hosting panels, and assisting with workshops at Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco 2018. I joined a few thousand other Microsoft technology enthusiasts over a few day period and discussed Microsoft 365, Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Blockchain, Azure, Start ups, diversity in technology, and much more.

Microsoft Tech Summit’s are free technology events hosted by Microsoft around the world. A Microsoft Tech Summit includes sessions, workshops, hands-on-labs, lightning talks, panels, an expo hall, and more to assist you on your journey.

The attendees and the discussions I had were just what I was hoping for. Microsoft continues to evolve the toolsets we all need to be more productive. In particular I wanted to engage in discussions and training around collaboration canvases such as Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint. These tools continue to improve the way we communicate and the questions I heard were spot on. I see more and more people “get-it”.

Panel discussions

I also had the pleasure of moderating two panels, both dear to my heart. I want to thank Anna Chu from Microsoft for helping organize the panels as well as all of the panelists that did all of the hard work. And even better, both panels were recorded and available for on-demand playback.

Diversity and Tech Panel at Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco

Azure Services for Startups panel at Microsoft Tech Summit San Francisco

Blockchain, Beyond the Hype

My big side interest, blockchain, also got a few minutes at Tech Summit San Francisco. I presented a 15 minute theater session on Blockchain 101. Fifteen minutes is never enough time for any topic I am passionate about, and the audience and I both wanted me to continue on for much more time than I had. The questions afterwards were outstanding, from the basic requests for 101 clarifications to a deep discussion on a specific blockchain whitepaper, and what it means. Thank you all that attended, it was a pleasure.

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Have you attended a Tech Summit recently? If so, what did you think?

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