SharePoint Conference North America 2018 @SPConf #SPC18 – May 21st through 23rd, 2018

On the off chance you’ve not yet heard, there is in fact a SharePoint Conference returning to Las Vegas, this May 2018. For those of you that have missed the large yearly SharePoint-focused conference hosted by Microsoft that once was SharePoint Conference, this is your opportunity to jump back in.

There are several well-organized conferences dedicated to SharePoint, including my favorites: European SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Fest, and SPTechCon, to name a few. While Microsoft does participate with these conferences, it’s long overdue for a SharePoint-focused conference that is driven by Microsoft; SPCNA will host a larger showing from the Microsoft teams responsible for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.

Microsoft is the primary sponsor of SPCNA, but it’s organized by the great crew that runs DEVIntersection. While SPCNA will not be the same as SPC per-say, it’s obvious that Microsoft is putting a lot of weight behind this particular conference. With more than 100 of their team members planning to join and participate in SPCNA, what more reason do you need to attend?

For those with lingering roadblocks, let me help you clear those.

Why I’m attending

Since the transition from SPC to Ignite, the SharePoint ecosystem has delivered a mid-year review and insight into the latest changes for SharePoint. This message always landed in May, and there has been clear indication that SPCNA is our “May event“.

With the extremely face pace of Office 365, SharePoint, Graph, and Azure improvements over the past few years, you do not want to fall behind. SPCNA is our opportunity to get the latest and greatest.


Of course, it isn’t just the announcements, the session material brings huge value. One of my concerns around a large conference such as Ignite is that the SharePoint ecosystem is often not provided enough session space to deliver all the how-to content we all want. SPCNA, with a massive presence by Microsoft, offers the necessary time to update us on the future, while delivering on the present.

I’m pleased to be an active participant myself. I’ll be presenting two sessions on the SharePoint Framework—one of my current geeky passions. Over the course of these two sessions, I’ll present an overview of the SharePoint Framework, and then using the base knowledge we’ll dive into advanced SharePoint Framework topics.

Registration is open

Register now for SharePoint Conference North America—you won’t be disappointed. Need help selling this to your organization? Save $50 off the cost of registration, by using the discount code: OVERFIELD.!/register

Are you planning to attend? If so, let us know why. You might help someone else see the value of attending. If you’re not going to attend, why not? Maybe we can help you see the value.

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