SharePoint PnP Provisioning Schema Version 2018-05

A new SharePoint PnP Provisioning Schema was just released and you can learn more from the SharePoint Developer Monthly Community Call – May 2018 edition recording.

You can also learn more via the SharePoint PnP Github repo at:

Why this matters

The provisioning engine within the PnP initiative continues to be one of the most widely used aspects of the SharePoint PnP Community. I for one am glad to see the provisioning engine / template evolve with SharePoint.

New features include:

  • Tenant
    • WebApiPermissions
    • SiteDesigns
    • SiteScripts
    • StorageEntities
  • WebSettings
    • HubSiteUrl
    • CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled
  • Lists
    • External list support
    • WriteSecurity
  • Document Sets
    • XmlDocuments for custom settings
  • Client Site Pages
    • Header
    • Title
  • That is some list all things considered. In particular pay attention to the WebSettings and Client Site Pages changes as those are changes I for one will be adding into my projects right away.

    Well done PnP Core Team!


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