Zurb Foundation for SharePoint 2013

mobile-first-640x960I am pleased to announce that one of the CodePlex projects I lead, Responsive SharePoint, has released a new responsive framework conversion for SharePoint. The latest release is Zurb Foundation for SharePoint 2013. We had to delay the release longer than I had hoped, but with the new version of Foundation, now at version 4, I decided we should retool half way through the conversion to keep up with the latest version. Oh well, better for you right?

What is Zurb Foundation? Foundation is another well written HTML framework for building websites. It has some powerful responsive features as well thus making it a popular framework for websites that want to use responsive web design principles. I have found that no responsive frameworks works well with SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010, thus the need for some additional effort. The first framework we converted to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 was Twitter Bootstrap. Now with Foundation ready for SharePoint 2013, we aim to help increase the adoption of responsive principles even more on new SharePoint branding and UI initiatives.

As with Bootstrap, there were quite a few little gotchas that we had to fix to get Foundation to play nice with SharePoint. All in all I am very happy with this first release. As with our Bootstrap implementations we expect to provide new fixes as additional issues arise but I think this can help jump start your next project.

Thank you to everyone that has been posting issues as well as all of you that have been active in the discussion board. This truly is a community effort that I have been proud to help organize. Thank you especially to the other two primary project developers, @darcehess and @gildaspencer.

Please let me know how this new framework works for you.


  1. hi Eric.
    Zurb sounds promising.
    in your opinion, considering the frameworks you worked on (B2, B2, Zurb), and eventually others out there, which do you recommend? which is the one that at the moment, is the most stable and glitch-free?
    I know that bootstrap can be quite heavy and conflicting, but I just need to pick one, and then go from there, but all of the listed are still beta.

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