Heading to Austin – SPTechCon Austin 2015

The first ever SPTechCon Austin is less than two weeks away! January has definitely flown by but I’m looking forward to getting out of California for a few days. I'm always happy to be involved in the SharePoint community, especially through presentations and classes. For SPTechCon Austin 2015 I'm introducing a brand new session on Display Templates as well as presenting on another new topic of mine, building SharePoint Apps using the "MEAN" Stack. If you haven't registered yet, there is still time. Save an additional $200 by using the discount code "OVERFIELD". I look forward to seeing … [Continue reading]

SharePoint App and I “MEAN” It

This week at SharePoint Fest Chicago I will be unveiling a new and much awaited for session, SharePoint Apps and I “MEAN” It. I choose to do this session because there has been quite a bit of talk about how the provider hosted SharePoint App model may work with any backend technology, but I only see people building C# apps on Azure. I wanted to see would could be done with fully open source technology, on a JavaScript based full stack. This session is targeted towards developers who will be looking to build SharePoint 2013 Apps. In the SharePoint 2013 app model you are able to combine your … [Continue reading]

Hide the SharePoint Online Ribbon for Anonymous Users

Essentially all public facing SharePoint sites, including those hosted on SharePoint Online or on-prem SharePoint 2013, require a method to hide the suite bar / ribbon for anonymous users. The SharePoint Online oslo master page does an OK job of this while the seattle master page does not even attempt to hide the ribbon. I have been asked quite often how I prefer to hide the ribbon for anonymous users. The primary method everyone jumps to is the control, <SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl /> found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace, typically registered to the tag … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 spcommon.png Sprite Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of the rectangle coordinates for each sprite found in SharePoint 2013's spcommon.png sprite. This sprite is found in the hive, or can be loaded in a browser on any SharePoint 2013 site at /_layouts/15/images/spcommon.png?rev=23. Learn how to replace the sprite using a Composed Look. Properties: method: Filling, Tinting, Blending detach: true - creates a new image for this particular request hashOverride: "your hash2 value" - no spaces allowed, appears to only work for other images, not for spcommon … [Continue reading]

Use SharePoint Online Composed Looks and Theming Engine to Brand spcommon.png


I want to share with you the right way to update the color palette of SharePoint Online (and SharePoint 2013) out-of-the-box (OOTB) icons, in particular those found in the suite bar and ribbon. Your first inclination may be to break open your … [Continue reading]

Fall 2014 Schedule of Participation

After a nice summer break from a slew of SharePoint community events, it is time for the fall season to pick up in full swing. I am thankful to have the opportunity to attend and present at the following events this fall and look forward to talking … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 – Animated Hiding Ribbon

This is part three of my series on modifying the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon in a safe and SharePoint friendly manner. Part one: "Collapse the Suite Bar and Ribbon to One Line" Part two: "On Demanding Hiding the Suite Bar and … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 – On-demand Collapsing Ribbon


This is part two of my series on modifying the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon in a safe and SharePoint friendly manner. Part one includes "Collapse the Suite Bar and Ribbon to One Line". In part two, I am want to address another request I … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 – Collapse the Suite Bar and Ribbon to One Line


Often I am asked to shrink the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon into one line. For some, the suite bar and ribbon take up too much space and thus the desire to collapse the two bars into one. This is actually very easy to do with a little CSS and … [Continue reading]

Branding SharePoint 2013 Tricks – 8 – A Better Logo Snippet


In the SharePoint 2013 Snippet Gallery, you will find the "Site Logo" snippet. This snippet allows you to quickly and easily add the SharePoint site logo controls to your HTML Master Page, as well as make it a link if you set the NavigateURL property … [Continue reading]