SharePoint 2013 – On-demand Collapsing Ribbon

This is part two of my series on modifying the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon in a safe and SharePoint friendly manner. Part one includes "Collapse the Suite Bar and Ribbon to One Line". In part two, I am want to address another request I received. A subscriber asked how to hide and show the entire SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon by adding some sort of clickable element such as a solid bar under the ribbon. I suggest an action item that provides more context than a plain bar, but for demonstration purposes a simple bar is more easy to explain. My strategy is to use a combination … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 – Collapse the Suite Bar and Ribbon to One Line

Often I am asked to shrink the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon into one line. For some, the suite bar and ribbon take up too much space and thus the desire to collapse the two bars into one. This is actually very easy to do with a little CSS and jQuery. Unsure of what I mean by the SharePoint 2013 suite bar and ribbon? Check out the image to the right. First, what do I mean by shrink? The common request is to somehow combine the suite bar and ribbon into one line. The current release of SPO actually does this for us, but with on-premises, we need to provide our own … [Continue reading]

Branding SharePoint 2013 Tricks – 8 – A Better Logo Snippet

In the SharePoint 2013 Snippet Gallery, you will find the "Site Logo" snippet. This snippet allows you to quickly and easily add the SharePoint site logo controls to your HTML Master Page, as well as make it a link if you set the NavigateURL property found in Customization - Site Logo ( SPSimpleSiteLink ) -> Navigation. The snippet works well but is missing the ability to use ~sitecollection and ~site as we did in SharePoint 2010. We can fix this by modifying the snippet with a simple control change. The Snippet Gallery generates the following Site Logo snippet, which you would add … [Continue reading]

Modify the SharePoint 2013 Ribbon with Help from Ribbon.ascx

One of the many little changes made to how SharePoint 2013 generates its interface is a snippet / control that SharePoint 2013 uses for the ribbon and suite bar control. This snippet / control links to a control template that may be difficult to find and customize. Part of the reason why it has been removed from the Master Page I would venture. Back in SharePoint 2010, the ribbon was added to the Master Page as a long series of .NET and SharePoint controls. This would fill up quite a few lines in our custom Master Pages and rarely would we need to make any changes. SharePoint 2013 reduced … [Continue reading]

SharePoint Saturday Redmond 2013 Recap

I just enjoyed my second SharePoint Saturday Redmond (#SPSRed) and I must say that Christian Buckley, Sharon Healy, Owen Allen and Erica Toelle did a great job organizing the event. Thank you very much. Also a huge thanks to Trevor Seward who … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development and Bootstrap 3


I am pleased to say that the response to my first book on branding SharePoint 2013 and Responsive Design, Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development (Apress 2013), has been overwhelming positive. Thank you everyone for your kind … [Continue reading]

Branding SharePoint 2013 Tricks – 7 – .NET Code Blocks in Snippets


In Master Pages and Page Layouts, there is often a need to reference .NET code blocks within a ASP.NET control. A common example is referencing a SharePoint resource within a control such as <asp:Label … [Continue reading]

Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint Released


I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new book on SharePoint that I had the pleasure of helping author. This is a must read for anyone looking to combine SharePoint (2010 or 2013) and JavaScript/jQuery. You can order Black Magic Solutions for … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2013 Structured Navigation – Dynamic Menus Fixed – August 2013 CU


When many of us upgraded to SharePoint 2013, we quickly noticed that our SharePoint menus did not behave as expected. In particular with structured navigation we would only have three levels of our site included in SharePoint navigation. For most … [Continue reading]

Custom JavaScript Code After a Display Template Loads


Display templates are one of my favorite new features of SharePoint 2013. That and the Design Manager. Anyhow, with display templates it is now much more easy to retrieve results from search and display the results in a custom manner. What I often … [Continue reading]