Yammer Rolls Out Seamless Activation in Office 365

This last Monday, Juliet Wei, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Yammer at Microsoft made an important announcement for all Office 365 tenants with a Yammer subscription. Yammer will be automatically activated without any assistance required by their tenant’s administrators. If you are already a member of the Yammer Office 365 Network, you can read Juliet's post in its entirety, or check out "Yammer integration with Office 365" at Office Support. This recent statement primarily affects those of you that have not set up your subscription to Yammer in O365, or will create a new O365 tenant that … [Continue reading]

Debugging Legacy Core Search Results Web Part in SharePoint 2013

Another in my series of past SharePoint adventures, and lessons learned, that finally gets to see the light of day. A while back I helped migrate a client’s SharePoint 2010 site collection to SharePoint 2013. After we re-attached the content database in the SharePoint 2013 farm, we did not upgrade the site collection to the SharePoint 2013 experience, we left it with the SharePoint 2010 experience. The site ran as expected, but we ended up having issues with search results returned by Core Search Results Web Parts (CSRWP). In particular, one core search results web part was configured to … [Continue reading]

California has a new Microsoft MVP!

2016 is going to be a great year. I had a fun, quiet evening last night and woke up feeling as I have many January 1st's. Another day, another year. But not this year. This year, this 1st, is different. Like most others, I have the day off so I slept in past 7, grabbed my tea and settled into my newspaper. Sadly I do keep my phone near by even on holidays, but I was expecting a very slow day, a day to catch up. Then my phone dinged with a new email. A glance over, and what do I see? Congratulations 2016 Microsoft MVP! Are you kidding me! I jumped online and found the following … [Continue reading]

Move the SharePoint 2013 Notification and Status Bar in HTML Master Pages

A while back I wrote a series of posts on customizing the modern SharePoint Ribbon (SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and now SharePoint 2016). Let’s continue this series after a long break with a look at the notification and page status bars (notification bar). The notification bar is included by default in the Seattle and Oslo master pages within the #s4-workspace, in particular in a manner that is simple to move, copy and replace as your branding requires. The notification HTML that we can use in our custom master pages includes: [cc lang="html" lines="4" tab_size="3" … [Continue reading]

Twitter Bootstrap 4 and SharePoint – An In-depth Preview


What is that groundswell you are hearing? Is it the most popular and widely used responsive framework is getting an overhaul? As many of you are likely aware, I am a big proponent of responsive frameworks as a rapid development tool for building … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2016 Preview and Version 16 Branding Elements


About once every three years we SharePoint geeks get an odd kind of gift that we get in an odd kind of digital package. Just like a child waiting for days, weeks or more, looking at that shiny new gift under the Christmas tree, we eagerly await the … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2016 Preview Released – A First Look at Branding


Exciting news on the SharePoint 2016 front, Microsoft announced the availability of the public preview for SharePoint 2016 yesterday. Check out Bill Baer’s post on the Office 365 blogs regarding the release including where you can go to download the … [Continue reading]

Content Query Webpart Hacks – Reference the ItemStyle in ContentQueryMain


Let's look at another Content Query Webpart (CBQ) hack, following up on my previous post on a CBQ method to access the webpart title in your XSLT. As before, this next hack will also work in SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 (and … [Continue reading]

Way Back Machine – Content Query Webpart Hacks – Reference the Webpart Title in a XSL Style Sheet


Content search in SharePoint Online (and SharePoint 2013) is powerful and all, but sometimes the good-old Content Query Webpart (CBQ) is much easier and quicker to configure, and even customize (sometimes), for certain types of content rollups. Or … [Continue reading]

Join Me at European SharePoint Conference 2015


In case you missed it, the European SharePoint Conference 2015 program is now available and I'm excited to announce that I am speaking at Europe's largest SharePoint and Office 365 event in Stockholm Sweden from 9th-12th November 2015. This is my … [Continue reading]