Ignite 2015 Yammer Sessions

All things Yammer were discussed at Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago, not to mention my session on Socializing SharePoint I presented with Naomi Moneypenny. In case you missed this session, it is now available on Channel 9 which you may stream now. If you like what you learn or you think Naomi and I do a great job with the session, please rank the video at Channel 9 as well. Christophe Fiessinger, Enterprise Social Group Product Manager at Microsoft, posted a combined list of all seventeen Yammer sessions on the Office 365 network on Yammer. You may view Christophe's original post if you … [Continue reading]

Ignite 2015 – My Thoughts and Highlights, or What I Don’t Want to Forget Just Yet

The first Microsoft Ignite conference was huge to say the least. The count I last heard was just over 26,000 people converged in Chicago for almost a week to discuss, learn and digest a confluence of Microsoft technologies. There was so much going on at Ignite, it is impossible to truly recap the entire event in anything but an entire series. My primary interest is SharePoint, both in the cloud and on-prem, which is where I focused my energies at Ignite. A few months back (February 2015) Julia White, General Manager of Office 365, "Announced" SharePoint 2016 and gave us the SharePoint … [Continue reading]

Ignite 2015 Announcement – There will be no SharePoint Designer 2016

Does SharePoint 2016 need "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on its cover? Based on a few recent, panic driven conversation I’ve had with others, it may help. As far as I can tell, a bombshell of an announcement, if it could be called that, was made in the last time slot, on the last day of Ignite 2015 in Chicago. There will be no SharePoint Designer 2016 I was first made aware of this while driving to the airport on my way home to California. I saw a tweet from Benjamin Niaulin, an Office 365 MVP with ShareGate (and then his follow up post). ANNOUNCED: There will NOT be a … [Continue reading]

SharePoint 2016 Roadmap Update Announcement

Big news today coming from Microsoft on SharePoint 2016. Seth Patton, Senior Director of Product Management for the SharePoint Team, provided us an update on SharePoint 2016 at the Office Blogs. If you are interested in what Microsoft has released regarding SharePoint 2016, I highly recommend you read the post, but there a few points made (explicitly and implicitly) that I would like to highlight. What first caught my eye is the chart laying out the three main focuses of SharePoint 2016 which includes Improved User Experiences, Cloud-Inspired Infrastructure and Compliance and … [Continue reading]

SharePoint Yammer App and Webpart End-of-Life Announced

Last week Microsoft announced it will be deprecating two of its Yammer features for integrating Yammer into SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Microsoft announced they are deprecating the Yammer App on September 15th, 2015, you SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint … [Continue reading]

Join Me At Ignite 2015 – My Session on Yammer and SharePoint Integration

I’m very excited to announce that I have been selected as a speaker at the first ever Microsoft Ignite. Ignite 2015, which is being held from May 4 to May 8 in Chicago, IL, is Microsoft's new joint technology conference, bringing together Microsoft … [Continue reading]

Upcoming Northern California 2015 SharePoint Saturdays


This week is an exciting week for the Northern California SharePoint Community, as both SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2015 and SharePoint Saturday Sacramento 2015 have been officially announced. I am proud to once again be a part of both events … [Continue reading]

Office 365 / SharePoint Online Public Facing Websites – A Path Forward

I recently penned an article for SPTechCon commenting on Microsoft ending public facing sites for SharePoint Online and Office 365 (SPO/O365). At the time I wrote the article Microsoft had recommended 3rd party solution, yet had not endorsed any … [Continue reading]

Heading to Austin – SPTechCon Austin 2015

The first ever SPTechCon Austin is less than two weeks away! January has definitely flown by but I’m looking forward to getting out of California for a few days. I'm always happy to be involved in the SharePoint community, especially through … [Continue reading]

SharePoint App and I “MEAN” It


This week at SharePoint Fest Chicago I will be unveiling a new and much awaited for session, SharePoint Apps and I “MEAN” It. I choose to do this session because there has been quite a bit of talk about how the provider hosted SharePoint App model … [Continue reading]