Microsoft 365 Conference 2022 – April 5-7 – Join me!

I’m really looking forward to getting together with the Microsoft community at the Microsoft 365 Conference in Vegas April 5th – 7th . This is sure to be an educational session with 150+ speakers, 200+ sessions, and 20+ workshops where there is something for everyone from Microsoft Viva, SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Loop, and the Power Platform.

It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to share space with some of the most talented technologists in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Beyond my excitement to catch up with the community, I am really looking forward to my sessions for this event. I’ve been forecasting that Teams will become our single pane of glass for quite some time now and I finally get to show how this reality can be achieved!

If you’re headed to Vegas, I hope you to see you in one of my sessions:

Session: Discover which Microsoft 365 Search Tools are Right for You

Let’s face it, as humans we spend a lot of our day searching for things—our wallet, our keys, our inspiration. The reality is we’re spending a lot of time searching for stuff at the ‘office’ too. Employees encounter challenges daily, and they must find the content and information they need to get their job done quickly and easily. According to a study by IDC, data professionals spend 22.2% of their workweek just searching for information.

Do you want to give your employees 22% of their day back?

Discover how your organization can utilize Microsoft search tools to empower your users and increase productivity. Join this session to:

  • Understand Microsoft search, and why should you be using it
  • See how Microsoft Search compares to SharePoint Search and Teams Search, and understand how Graph plays into all this
  • Learn how to configure Microsoft Search with out-of-the-box customizations to effectively present the vital information your employees need
  • Get inspired by real examples of search customization options so you can see how you to take search up a notch at your organization

Session: One-Stop-Shop | Make Microsoft Teams the Gateway to Your Digital Workspace with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Teams has evolved into a highly productive tool that is much more than meets the eye. As many organizations are clamoring to connect disparate digital tools into an intuitive and holistic digital workspace, Teams has positioned itself as the single pane to your digital workplace. The recent launch of Microsoft Viva, Microsoft’s employee experience platform, depends upon Microsoft Teams’ unique capabilities as the central hub to a successful digital workplace.

In this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft Teams and the facets of Microsoft Viva connects the dots and can bring transparency, efficiency, and productivity to your workforce.

Walk away with practical applications to configure and architect Microsoft Teams as the dashboard to your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva empowered digital workspace.

In this session:

  • Understand how Viva Connections, Topics, Learning, and Insights integrate with Teams
  • Successful patterns when rolling out Viva components in your organization
  • Licensing and integration requirements

If you’re attending I’d love to catch up, so please drop me a line!

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