Ignite 2015 Yammer Sessions

All things Yammer were discussed at Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago, not to mention my session on Socializing SharePoint I presented with Naomi Moneypenny. In case you missed this session, it is now available on Channel 9 which you may stream now. If you like what you learn or you think Naomi and I do a great job with the session, please rank the video at Channel 9 as well.

Christophe Fiessinger, Enterprise Social Group Product Manager at Microsoft, posted a combined list of all seventeen Yammer sessions on the Office 365 network on Yammer. You may view Christophe’s original post if you are already a part of the Office 365 Network. If you are not a part of this network, yet, why not? Quite a few announcements are made on this network, join at https://www.yammer.com/itpronetwork/.

Want to see the list now, no worries, I included it below:

Again, all thanks and credit go to Christophe Fiessinger for creating this list for all of us.

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