Ignite 2016: A Bright Future


Ignite 2016 has come and gone. Like many of you, I am still recovering from last week’s celebration of all things Microsoft. What an amazing time myself and my team had sharing in the wealth of knowledge brought to the plate by all the speakers, the sheer vastness of the Expo Hall, and most importantly getting to interact with all of the attendees, whether they be friend, foe, or a fellow geek in SharePoint.

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all who attended my Ignite session ‘Learning best Practices for Customizing and Branding SharePoint Team Sites’. Your enthusiasm and support were muchly appreciated, and overall the presentation was really well received. Thank you also to Tejas Mehta for co-presenting with me.


I think that declared, continuing support for custom master pages is the biggest takeaway for my audience. Yes, Master Pages days are numbered (i.e. in a while, not anytime soon), but they remain fully supported. Moving away from the feature framework, and finding other remote deployment options such as PnP Powershell will also be important to explore going forward.

For those interested in seeing my whole session (or re-visit it), here’s a link to it:


Next year’s Ignite may be a while from now (Ignite 2017 takes place September 25-29 in Orlando), but there’s no reason you can’t re-live the magic of Ignite 2016. Here’s the link for the Ignite YouTube page for you to catch any of the sessions you may have missed, or want to see again:


Microsoft Ignite is the one conference that’s really every tech event. Bring your toughest challenges, greatest ambitions & passion for innovation. September…


Thank you again to all who came to Atlanta and geeked out on SharePoint with me. I look forward to seeing you all next year!

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