Podcasts & PnP – Discussing Customizing SharePoint w/ Jeremy Thalke

I have had a very busy last few weeks. A week in Redmond with all my developer friends, a week in Austin at SPTechCon, a SharePoint Saturday in Vancouver, and now currently I’m polishing my sessions in Washington D.C. for SPFest. Living out of a suitcase isn’t just a turn of phase, it’s my April.

One of my favorite parts of traveling so much is getting to see many familiar faces on the road, and participating in some pretty fun events along the way (que footage of me dancing with a flashmob). Likewise, you all know me as a SharePoint dev guy, so as you can imagine, I love getting to talk SharePoint, SharePoint customization, development and more. While in Vancouver, I got to combine the two. I sat down with the one and only Jeremy Thake on the Hyperfish Podcast to talk shop on the best approaches to, you guessed it, the SharePoint UI, PnP, branding, the framework and more. In this half hour podcast, we discuss everything from how to utilize the Framework to modifying the DOM in SharePoint.


Thank you to Jeremy and Hyperfish for having me as a guest.

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